tirsdag 18. november 2008

The village children

Every sunday when we go to the beach we meet some of those living in the village. They come to the small pier to carry our coolers to the beach hut. We have stayed in the beach hut overnight once, and got to know a few of the villagers a bit better. The daughter of chief Big john, Fatima is always asking for Sofie if she is not present at the beach. On the photo you can see Fatima with her daughter and Sofie - from sunday.

We went to the beach to take a few pictures of Sofie to prepare for the task of making Christmas cards. On the beach we ran into these three young boys.

When the day at the beach comes to an end and we are heading back down to the pier all the children in the villages comes running to join us. Some of the little ones wants to hold our hands while walking. Sofie has learned by know that she is a popular figure when it comes to holding hands, and some of the children calls out her name to get her attention. To them she must be close to a princess - she don't have to work, she can swim in the swimmingpool, she can drink water from bottles and have cans of juice - all in one day! And she has several outfits. Sunday this little girl was quick to walk over to Sofie to hold her hand. And Sofie took her time walking in the pace of the little one.

I rarely bring my camera to the beach, but this sunday I did. And I carried it so it was visible. The result was that the kids started posing for me. Particular these three little boys. They ran in front of me and posed. The one in the yellow Liverpool t-shirt were very charming and used all his charm to get my attention.
The pier is a good plays for the children to be Sunday afternoon - they know they will receive a treat before they return home. It is not easy for the little ones to get their fair share - and the older kids - particular a few of the boys are very cunning when it comes to get their hands on some candy. Here most of the kids are gathered to be a part of the photo.

It is very obvious that these kids are used to work and help out in the village. We se them carry water, dig up roots, peel vegetables, babysit younger children, climed the palmtrees to get coconuts. This little girl is carrying a younger sibling, even though she is not very old herself.

lørdag 15. november 2008

Carnival at the school - fund raising

November 8th were the BIG day - the fund raising activities the children looked forward to. Raffles, jumping castle, throwing wet sponges at teachers, and so many more activities. We came when it all started, and stayed almost to the end, and Sofie were not bored for 5 minutes.

In addition there were music and dance performed by students at the school.

Surfing - or playing on and with a surfboard

Last Sunday we were invited to join some friends to a beach used by Lagos Yacht Club, Agogo beach. The ride from the Yacht Club to the beach were fairly short in a small open motorboat. There were plaenty of trees giving good shade for the sun, it was nice and warm and we were in a good company with Marike and Albricht and their two sons Axi and Uli.

Sofie were a bit reluctant to swim in the water to strat with, and walked about with shoes and socks on for at least an hour before she finally gave in and went swimming. She had great fun playing with the boys and in the end she were able to swim out and enter the surfboard.