fredag 18. juli 2008

Vaccinations almost done

Sofie and I went to the vaccination center in Stavanger to get our top-up of a few vaccinations before moving to Lagos. They found out that we needed vaccination against rabies, and that means three shots. We got the first one, then we got the vaccines needed for the next vaccination handed out - and we are to find a doctor to give us the shots while we are ob vaccation in Silkeborg, Denmark. And then we are to have the third shot in august before we leave.

Good to have it all sorted out.

Now we are leaving for three weeks in Denmark.

mandag 14. juli 2008

Preparing for our one year in Nigeria

We - one of my daughters and I - are going to Nigeria to live and work for one year. My spouse is there already, so soon we will be a family again.

Now we are in the process of getting visa to go there. We went to the police in Stavanger today and ordered new passports - so we could have one passport for travelling while the other passport is being sent away for handling the visa application. Hopefully everything will be OK before friday -when we are leaving for a vacation in Denmark.

The schools in Lagos require use of school uniforms. For us Norwegians that is not common and school uniforms are not sold here. Sofie and I went to London and got her navy blue skirts, white shirts PE shorts and t-shirts, so now we are prepared on that front.

Next step - along with the visa prepararion is what to bring.