torsdag 30. april 2009

Loosing luggage at the Lagos airport

is not something you would wish upon your friends or relatives. I arrived yesterday as planned (not delayed!!!) and everything went smooth, immigration, passport and Visa check. Then I went down to wait for the luggage. To my surprise suitcases had already began arriving. And my suitcase came. I just had to wait for my second and smaller suitcase to arrive.

Next to me was a family of three travelling together. The had the largest suitcases I have ever seen. And each person had 3 suitcases. So the used three trolleys to get their luggage. In addition they had so much carry-on luggage that I wonder how they were let into the plane? Don't KLM restrict its passangers to one carry-on item? These guys had back-packs, small cabin bags and several plastic bags.

Well, I am getting off track. My second suitcase did not come. So I found KLM grouns staff. She asked me if my name were on a list she had. When I told her no, she told me that then my luggage was not missing. I showed her the luggage tag and told her that I was missing one item. I was told to wait. First after 20 minutes would she get a form and write a "Property Irregularity Report". And she did this in a manner as if she blamed me for my missing luggage. Finally I told her, that I had not misplaced my luggage, KLM had, so please change the attitude. That really did not help. Now she wrote even morre slowly on the form.

I asked what to do next. Then I was told to travel back to the airport the next day and inquire for my suitcase to check if it had arrived! KLM wanted me to spend even more time with this? "And if it is not there then?" I asked. "You keep coming back" she told me.

I really do not think so! KLM stole hours of my evening yesterday, and they are not getting my coming evenings as well. I will write to KLM in Amsterdam and ask if this is the service level they are providing. If so - I will just have to fly with someone else.

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