tirsdag 12. mai 2009

Wooden stools

There are a lot of nice and special wooden artifacts and furniture here in Nigeria. Some more practical than others. So I must admit that I have stuck to the practical ones, the one I think I can use when we go back to Norway.

I have found a really nice and gifted woodcarver (or truth be told - he found me) that are working on several objects for me. He made me a wooden bench with carvings, and so far he has delivered two wooden stools.

They both have the same carved pattern at the top, the largest is supported by 8 legs, the smaller by 6 legs. The smaller is made very dark, while the larger is lighter. Probably done with shoe polish. There will be two more so we can have 4 stools all together as extra space for guests when needed. And when not needed? They can be stacked away like a small tower, one on top the other.

According to plans a wooden chest, two more stools and a bunkbed for Sofie is to be delivered before we move home.

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