mandag 1. desember 2008

Gone fishing

While Marte were here, and Sofie had half a day off from school I took them to the beach to enjoy the day off. Sofie brought two of her friendds, Axi and Ofer. The kids played in the pool, argued a little, ate some food and had a great time.

Then the action started. The local fishers were working to get their net ashore. That was interesting and the kids took off to watch, and then to help. It was hard work, pulling the rope inch by inch when the net was several hundred meters out in the ocean. And it took quit a while before the first part of the net came close to shore.
Marte and Axi were the two most dedicated helpers, Sofie and Ofer tired of the fishing before the net came ashore - their interest were 15 minutes and then back to the pool. Marte and Axi kept pulling the rope until the net came. Then more experienced hands were needed
Men went into the water to secure the catch, and the enthusiasm were visible when this fish were carried ashore. That could provide needed money for the community.
When the net were all on the shore the women picked fish form the net and the fish were divided between the different families. On the picture you see Axi and Marte picking sardines from the beach.

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