mandag 1. desember 2008

The mistery of the missing Munchies

Sofie's class at school had a performance just before Thanksgiving. the children had practised and costumes were made. The families were told to bring food to share. Sofie chose a taco dish and were very proud when it arrived at school.

Marte was visiting from Norway, and came to school to see her sister play. We had some excitement in the car going there - Lagos traffic is unpredictable - and sudddenly there were absolutely no movement from the cars in 10 minutes. I visualised my poor daughter performing with no parents present! But suddenly traffic started to move again and we made in just in time.

Their teacher had arranged the classroom with a stage, with small chairs for the fellow students from the same grade level at school, a decorated thanksgiving table and chairs for the parents. A curtain were covering the scene.

Only one or two of the boys had a sudden stage fright blocking their memory for all lines, and were helped by the teachers. The rest of the students did fine! And they were so cute. That teacher for sure has the ability to bring out the best in the children.

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