tirsdag 10. februar 2009

Fences, gates and walls of Lagos

Lately I have been walking to the office. It is only 5 kilometers, but the walk is nice in the morning, still a bit to warm when it's time to go home. In Lagos I have noticed that everything is fenced in. Mostly different brick or concrete walls are surrounding the compounds and villas of Ikoyi and Victoria Island. And the are not very friendly or inviting - it is a clear message to keep out.

Different methods are used to keep visitors away. At home some places I have noticed a sign stating that unwanted visitors are not welcome. I immidiately feel unwanted and go somewhere else. May be signs does nor work here in Lagos?
Well, to day I took Sofie's small camera with me when I went to work. Example number 1 - of not very friendly walls. A spiral of barbed wire are attached to the top of a rather tall wall. Well, I do not want to try to get over the wall for sure. Barbed wires are used a lot, but often they are stretched out in neat rows, 3 - 5 under each other. I guess it is harder to cut when it is not streched out and lined up.
Exampel number 2 is more used, and probably a much cheaper way of preventing someone climbing over your wall. Pieces of bottles, smashed and worked into the concrete.
Example 3: is rusty iron spikes on top of a tall wall. And they had a very uneven surface as well. So it is definately not something you would like to hold on to.
And it is not only the walls that are protected - this gate has an uneven zig zag of triangles on top to prevent a climb-over.
The winner - metall spikes in several directions attached to the wall. In addition I could hear som rather large dogs( according to the barking I assume the are large - no high pitched barking there) on the inside. I must admit - that this wall would be the one I had chosen if I wanted to bring a tadder and climb up and take a look at what was on the inside. But I will not do it - out of respect for our company's security guys. But when someone goes to this steps to keep people away - then I get curious - away from what?

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