torsdag 12. februar 2009

The writing on the wall

When out driving or walking in Lagos you see a lot of writing on the walls. Some places you see "This property is not for sale", other places you se adverts for plumber or electricians just by the words "Fix your plumbing" followed by a cell phone number. Other places you are informed of events going to happen. But the writing on this blue gate confused me. If the property has been taken by the court order - this should not be of interest for everyone. I would guess that creditors, former owner and potential new owner should be informed. But the rest of us? Why not send a letter to the involved parties?
Another common text is "Do not urinate here". That is written on many walls in this town. First I found this rather peculiar - but after seen where and how many people are urinating along walk ways, not hiding away at all - I would prefere it if someone put up some facilities and wrote "Please - Urinate here!".

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