mandag 23. februar 2009

The Tarzan ferry

Tarzan is the name of a local "ferry" crossing from Ikoyi to Lekki. A short distance with boat - a potential long one by road with the unpredictable Lagos traffic.

The ferry can cross your car and a few more over, while you go into a smaller paasanger boat that cross the passangers over. We enjoyed the short boat ride friday evening, thinking of the long time saved by not taking the car. The small boat had four people per bench, and were filled completely when we crossed. We were all given life jackets to take on, but not all of them could be fastened properly.

After the boatride, when you leave the boat and the life jacket, you pay for the trip. Total cost 50Naira per person. I know I would like to take the ferry next time I am going shopping at Lekki, the problem were getting from the ferry to the shopping centre in a safe way.

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